Yoga styles

Aero Yoga

The benefits of Aero Yoga are diverse and may include:

  1. Muscle Strengthening: By performing poses in suspension, stabilizing muscles are activated and muscle groups that may not work as much on the ground are strengthened.

  2. Flexibility: The hammock allows for greater range of motion in some poses, which can help improve flexibility.

  3. Improved Posture: Aero Yoga can help correct postural misalignments by working on body alignment in the air.

  4. Stress Relief: Like traditional yoga, Aero Yoga promotes relaxation and mental calmness, which can reduce stress and anxiety.

  5. Stimulation of the Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems: Suspension movements can help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  6. Spinal Decompression: Hanging in the hammock in certain poses can provide a sense of relief from pressure on the spine, which can be beneficial for people with back issues.

  7. Body Awareness Development: Working in a three-dimensional environment promotes greater body awareness and balance.

  8. Fun and Creative: The playful aspect of Aero Yoga can make the practice more enjoyable and creative, motivating people to stay committed to their practice.

These are just some of the potential benefits of Aero Yoga, and the experience may vary depending on the individual and their skill level. It’s always important to practice with a qualified instructor to ensure a safe and effective practice.

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